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                     Cozeburn 250MS

                Shaker Grate Furnace

                Heats 4,000 sq ft    $6,000

What is the Cozeburn 250MS Shaker Grate Furnace?

This is a outside hot water wood/coal combination furnace. The 250MS Shaker grate furnace comes with  cast iron  that allows you to shake the  ashes down into the ash pan with an exterior handle. The Cozeburn 250MS Shaker Grate furnace is  designed to accommodate either bottom forced draft or top forced draft.

Features and Benefits

--CSA approved                                                                                                                            --Wood and Coal combination                                                                                                      --Proven cast iron grates                                                                                                              --Easy to operate                                                                                                                          --Easy to  hook up                                                                                                                        --Full length ash pan

  The 250MS is a non-pressurized system heating the  water surrounding the water  chamber. The water is thermostatically controlled by setting  the  aquastat to the  desired temperature. The pumps than circulates the  water from the  furnace  to  your home or shop.

                      Furnace Specifications:

Cozeburn 250MS Specification
Steel Type  Mild Steel
Total Width  49"
Body Width  47"
Total Lenght  80"
Body Lenght  59"
Total Height  85"
Chimney size   6"
Door size    20" X 20"
Fire box size WxHxL   30" X 33" X 42"
Water Capacity   150 gal.
Max. Heating Area   4,000 sq ft
Weight   2,000 lbs

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