• Computerized control panel



  • Automatic heavy duty feed auger



  • Self-cleaning flue design



  • Automatic ash removal system



  • Heavy duty gearbox drive system



  • Secure locking firebox access



  • Washer step burner design eliminates ash falling into the burner and draft compartment



  • Automatic spiral flue cleaners



  • Rotating ash ring with fuel stir finger



  • The Pelco is completely insulated making it safe to the touch



  • Adjustable combustion air intake



  • Monitoring system with a flashing beacon (optional telephone notification)



  • Hinged roof for easy access



  • Thermostatically controlled water temperature



  • Warnock Hersey Certified



  • Provides all of your hot water heat for barns, workshops, garages, greenhouses, riding arenas, factories, homes, pools and more.


Control Panel
and Beacon

The computerized control
panel operates all functions
of the boiler and includes a
highly visible beacon.
Exhaust Blower
The adjustable exhaust
blower improves combustion
and efficiency.
Double Safety Doors
Our safety door feature secures
unwanted access to moving
components and the fire chamber.
The Pelco is designed to accomodate access for easy hook-up. It provides all of your hot water heat for barns, workshops, greenhouses, pools, riding arenas, factories, garages, and homes.