Empyre Outside Wood and Coal Stove




Pex Heat Pipe, Heat Exchangers, Blowers, Fans,Gaskets, Chemicals,
Insulation, Circulator Pumps

Empyre Parts and Supplies

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Water Treatment:
Pex Heat Pipe (1/2", 3/4" & 1"): 100ft., 300 ft. , 500 ft.& 1000 ft. rolls
Qest Fittings:
Qest T Fittings:
Heat Exchanger Coils:
Heat Exchangers w/Fan & Box: complete w/fan and box
Water to Water Heat Exchanger: Converts Open system to Closed system
Wind Boxes and Blowers: (Used for Heat Exchangers)
Circulator Pumps: Taco
Domestic Hot water Coil:
Insulation: (6 ft. Lenght)
Crimp Tool and Pipe Cutter:
Radiant Floor Heat:

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