• The Pelco is an automatic coal burning furnace. It is designed to burn 1/2" x 1" oil stoker coal, available from most major coal suppliers.
  • The Pelco is a highly efficient, convenient and easy to use heating system. Its automatic stoker system allows the unit to be attached to a bottom hopper bin to feed the stoker. The automatic stoker unit discharges the ashes saving costly labor and hours of unpleasant work.
  • Farmers, manufacturers, green-house operators, and home owners can take advantage of using the highly efficient and economical Pelco to heat your buildings and save money.
  • The Pelco is engineered with multiple vertical tubes. The heat is pushed through the heavy-duty metal flues. These flues act as a spark arrester as well as a heat transfer unit to maximize performance. These flues are automatically self cleaning.
  • The Pelco's cylindrical shaped frame eliminates any water pooling substantially increasing the performance of the boiler achieving one of the highest efficiency ratings. The computerized control panel operates all functions of the boiler and includes a highly visible beacon.
  • The Pelco is designed and manufactured to the highest professional standards and quality workmanship. All Pelco boilers are air-pressure tested to ensure quality and reliability.
  • The Pelco is designed as an open (non pressurized) system reducing any pressurized risks. This eliminates the need for costly certified pressure boiler installers and annual licensing requirements.
  • Insurance premiums may be lower due to the Pelco's open system design and the ability to be installed outside your building.
  • The computerized control system is a standard feature with the Pelco that operates all functions of the boiler including a self-cleaning flue system.
  • The illuminating beacon indicates the performance of the boiler. A green light indicates everything is operating properly, in case of any malfunctions an amber or red light will come on. These lights are highly visible from a distance.
  • The Pelco provides heat for forced-air ventilation systems with the use of a heat exchanger (rad or coil) and can also be installed for use with in-floor (hydronic) heating.



The furnace is installed a minimum of 25 feet away from any building, eliminating the risk of fire to your buildings. The Pelco is an open (non-pressurized) system, eliminating any danger of explosion. By having your furnace outside you should qualify for a lower insurance premium on your buildings.

Water temperature is thermostatically controlled. A warning light will indicate a substantial drop in water temperature or drop in water level.

The Pelco has been designed by Pro-Fab Industries Inc., the manufacturer of the well-known EMPYRE the EMPYRE is a CSA approved hot water outdoor wood furnace.